If our thoughts could take physical form, what would they look like? Heather explores this question through her series of macro photographs of alcohol inks suspended in resin. In an unpredictable chemical process, inks are dropped into wet resin and manipulated as the resin cures. The end result is vivid, abstract forms that suggest movement but are frozen in place. Each of these textures represents an intangible thought or emotion that lights up our cerebral cortex and reflects our consciousness. In this way, corporeal personalities are lended to the colors and textures of the human imagination and explore the possibilities of expanded consciousness. With perception as fluid as ink, there is unlimited potential for how we can experience the world.

A self-taught artist, Heather has always been passionate about interpreting the world through her lens, with a focus on natural environments and culture. Though Heather restlessly dabbles in a wide variety of mediums, her foundation is rooted in photography, with fiber art on the side as a foil to digital work. When she’s not making art, she enjoys hiking, traveling, dancing, learning folklore, and making up dumb songs about her pets.