"...as a painter, my language is line and color and shape. They are my tools, they are my voice... made visible. For me, the question is never 'what am I looking at? the question is: what do I see?'


Nature informs my work and directs my eye. I often produce a number of small studies based on observation, and, as I work, I move further and further away from specifics and closer to observed experience. With each piece I search for just the right degree of abstraction, seeking to remove the obvious and allow me a more open interpretation; I rely heavily on visual memory and intuition to create work that is not time or site specific but evocative, specific, only to itself."


SCHEDULE A VISIT: I welcome visitors to my 438west Studio & Gallery in Torrington for CWOS this October. Visits are by appointment only. Please email me at: suzanscott@live.com or text only to this number: 860-626-3195. We can schedule a day and time for your visit. Masks on! Social Distancing please. Thank you!