Bill Enck creates three-dimensional works that span the 1970s to the present day, He draws influence from movements such as Minimalism, Assemblage and Dadaism. Bill primarily uses wood as the core and basis of his works, and then carves, assembles and carefully constructs and builds his sculptures of varying textures, shapes and sizes. He also utilizes and applies every day found objects and construction debris as unexpected juxtapositions to the once living lushness of the wood. The plasticity of the man-made from his found objects so beautifully contrast and complement the inherent malleability and textural qualities of the natural wood.  His craftsmanship is evident in each piece and as he reimagines and reconstructs, he builds and expands upon the randomness of life. His work is simplistic and simultaneously complex with each object enveloping and operating in its own space and time alongside the other. Bill creates a strong visual and tactile appeal but also a unique whimsy and wonder that make his work so playfully resonate with his viewers.